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Expat Dating is a cool, hassle-free, secure dating website to find like-minded expats and people abroad.So, if you're a homesick expatriate and missing your own culture, language or food, then Expat is the place to find expats with whom you can meet and share the adventure of foreign shores and reminisce over life back home.I’m from a small, tourist town in Arizona and I decided to come to Spain to be with my Spaniard, David, after graduating and having a short-lived attempt at teaching English in China. David and I meet on a pen pal/language exchange program that was sent to me through my university.

Some of the areas that will require focus and attention include the following- As an expat dating a local you will also need to be prepared for the occasional imbalance in the relationship that will arise from your own lack of familiarity with the culture and local environment as compared with your partners own familiarity and comfort within it.What to Say and What Not to Say Whether it’s your first message or your fifth, there are two simple rules to writing a great message: Find what you have in common Start a conversation about it That’s it.You can think of it exactly like introducing two mutual friends to each other for the…We now live in a time where, for many of us, technology is a huge part of our lives.We use computers, mobile phones and apps on a daily basis, not only at work but at home as well. If you happen to be in the vicinity of the city of Torrevieja in the Alicante province later on this evening, you might want to attend the annual event of the ‘Night of Habaneras on the Beach’. These days, making yourself understood if Spanish is not your first language and your grasp of it is pretty poor or average is a lot easier than it used to be. Most of us now are accustomed to using at least one or two mobile phone apps on a daily basis.

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