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The ninety is for the milestone year I graduated high school and joined the U. Photo Contributions: Boneyard90 at Wikimedia General Interests: All things historical and cultural.

history and culture of Japan Thank you for quality articles for project Japan, such as Lady Saigō who "established a charitable organization that assisted visually impaired women with no other means of support", and for maintaining and assessing the project's articles, - you are an awesome Wikipedian!

Masur currently sits on the Corporate Board of the Motion Picture & Television Fund.

Masur studied acting at The Yale School of Drama and appeared on stage before acting in movies and television shows during the 1970s.

His next project was the 1982 horror/sci-fi The Thing, as the dog handler, Clark.

The film has acquired a significant cult following in the years since its release, and Masur occasionally reunites with former The Thing cast members for Q&A panels at fan conventions.

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