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She acknowledged that the awkward interaction itself was fairly innocuous and described O' Reilly's move as "-style dating tactics." Walsh told her radio colleague that after the incident at the hotel she tried to "play nice with the big dog" and it never occurred to her to report the incident because she didn't know job applicants could file sexual harassment complaints.

It’s summer in Soho and Ruth Wilson — the extravagantly talented star of The Affair, Luther and a carefully curated selection of smash-hit stage roles — is talking about the scrutiny suffered by actresses.

We are objects of desire for men, but often women work in the industries that create those objects of desire.

If you ask most men who they find sexy, it might not be the people that women would assume would be the case.’ Actually most of the men I know, even the ostensibly gay ones, would rank Wilson higher than, say, Kim Kardashian for desirability, due to her obvious keen intelligence as much as anything else.

‘I think it’s a misogyny that comes from women as much as men,’ says the Surrey-born 34-year-old.

Please note: I do realize that the time it took you to read this paragraph is probably double the length of time this encounter would last, so that exactly which fixture the two of them befouled doesn't matter so much. Probably Andrea, who would have nothing to compare Brandon to AND had been desperately in love with him basically since they met, would not just convince herself that Brandon's six pumps made the earth move but tell him so, making him 2 for 2 in spectacularly satisfied sexual partners and therefore , but it honestly feels impossible.) It seems safe to assume that the pair becomes a couple: based on the evidence of intra-gang fraternization before this point (Brenda and Dylan) and the next season (Donna and David), the show's official stance is pro-monogamy; not even Steve and Kelly could escape each other, and they broke up before the start of the series.

He’s the managing director of a big office and all his staff are quite young – so no doubt they’ll be coming in and telling him some stories.

I was quite good on the show though, expect when I was with Scott.

And amongst all the shouting, screaming and, um, shagging, have you ever wondered what the family and friends of the sexy singles make of their starring roles on the show? Which is why we quizzed series four babe, Olivia Walsh, on just how much she’ll be telling her parents tonight as the first episode hits our screens at 10pm. ‘I’ve told my mum everything, so she’s expecting it,’ she confessed, after the first episode see’s her jumping into bed with Geordie Shore’s Scotty T and offering him an oral based treat.

‘My Dad on the other hand doesn’t have a clue and won’t watch it.

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