Updating your tenant lease

Yet, you can customize your outdoor space with a little creativity.If you wish to make your outdoor living space more attractive and useful, here’s what you need to know.But don’t fret yet; you can dress your small space without ripping up the carpet (or ripping out your hair).Here are 15 ways to live large and in charge in your rental without sacrificing your security deposit. Think Pretty Practical: Most of use are tight for space when we’re renting, so invest in home goods that are pretty enough to display to free up kitchen space, like these bright trays.

Politely ask your tenant to remove all belongings by move-out day and to leave the keys on the counter.Ideally, you will want to include all the rules in a thorough and detailed lease.Any additional addendums should be included as part of a move in packet.Punch up the pattern on your bedding instead with this fun DIY. Fun Wall Decals: If you just want a touch of pattern in one specific place, try a removable wall decal. And if you have a bathroom this big in your apartment with a tub this cool, lucky you. Invest in Multifunctional Furniture: Here’s another space-saving tip: Buy pieces that can serve multiple purposes. A bar cart can stand in as a side table or entertainment console until you’re ready to party. Personalize With Picture Stickers: Stick ’em anywhere, then peel them off and stick ’em anywhere else. (via The Makerista) Got any other rental decorating tips or tricks?

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