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Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Mr Coe said: ‘I think I’ll have to throw out the mattress. ‘At first I was p***ed off, but it is pretty bloody hilarious at the same time.

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Follow the story of "Ericka" as she is recruited into sex trafficking.The Queen urged Americans to write in her name on Election Day, after which the transition to British rule could begin “with a minimum of bother.”Elizabeth acknowledged that, in the wake of Brexit, Americans might justifiably be alarmed about being governed by the British parliamentary system, but she reassured them, “Parliament would play no role in this deal. When checking your CCTV after a robbery, two people having sex on your bed is probably the last thing you expect to see.A chat service means you don’t have to give out your number.Verdict: Definitely helps you on your no strings sex quest, but be warned – the men we came across were of a lower quality than Blendr.

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