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“Pero magkakaroon ng investigation at si Jennylyn ang isa sa mapagbibintangang pumatay sa kanya, kaya maikli lang talaga ang role niya.” The one who will conduct the investigation is Renz Fernandez who plays a police officer.

At the presscon, Renz showed up with a full beard and moustache. Pero tinigil ko na kasi napi-feel kong para hindi naman niya ako type.

The film will be released by The Weinstein Company on May 5.

“3 Generations” is part of a lineup of 46 films that will be screened at the week-long film festival in Arkansas, which was co-founded by Davis in 2015 to celebrate women and diversity in film.

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In this day and age, not having a smartphone is almost like having a handicap for a working professional.” and then a telling revelation: “well thank you for breaking into my twitter. i hope you get all the sympathy you hoped for.” DJ Mo swiftly tweeted, in reply to what Rhian Ramos has just tweeted, “@whianwamos wow! i wasnt the one who did everything for the job.” Rhian Ramos then addressed the public at large, saying: “and to the rest of you, mind your business, i’ve been harassed enough for today, thank you. as if i’m the one that is known to want to be a part of every scandal? didn’t he say i wasn’t his girlfriend.” DJ Mo Twister on his part explained (to Rhian, I guess): “there are a few people i wont fight here on twitter & one of them is you.thanks.” She then denied she tweeted the “breakup tweet” mentioned above. i think ive been thrashed and lied enough to today. i hope your thailand trip last holy week went well.” So, what was that that transpired today between Rhian Ramos and DJ Mo?” then a follow-up: “i can drown in tears all day or work & pretend im not the shell of the person ive been all week….”.Rhian Ramos then tweeted that she be enlightened on what was happening: “what the heck is everyone saying that i tweeted? im just reacting to your tweet and now job is whats the link? ” Rhian further said (at isang malaman na quote) – “and anong “break-up tweet- break-up tweet” ang sinasabi niyo.

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